Contributors to the Organ Artists Series

A note of thanks!

We can't thank our patrons, advertisers, and co-sponsors enough for their continued generosity. They have contributed to the success of past seasons and guarantee our offerings in this and future seasons.

Please consider joining the ranks of our regular contributors. Your donation will help us continue a Pittsburgh tradition of live performances of great organ music. You can also invite a friend to join you at the next OAS concert. Inviting a friend is a very practical and enjoyable way to support the series and help us increase our audience.

Again, thanks to all who have supported the series in so many different ways. We couldn't do it without you!

John D. Henninger
Director, Organ Artists Series

Tuba Mirabilis ($1,000+)
The most powerful and commanding reed stop
Jon J. Danzak
Kenneth P. & Bernadette K. Leckey, Jr.
Bombarde ($750 - $999)
A strong, loud, low-pitched reed stop
Alice C. Young
Trompette ($500-$749)
A reed stop that adds richness and dignity
Dr. David A. Billings, CAGO
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis M. Steele, Jr.
Krummhorn ($250-$499)
A solo reed stop with a distinct tone
Larry Allen and Scott Bell
William C. Gladden, SPC
John D. Henninger, CAGO
Gail M. Henry
Donald K. Fellows
Gregory M. Knippel
in memory of Vendel Stephen Galik
& Mary Galik Knippel
Dr. Sara Ruhle Kyle
J. Barbara McKelway
Stephen Schall & Andrew Eppich
C. John Thickey, CAGO
Keith Wannamaker, CAGO &
Sarah Wannamaker, ChM, FAGO
Mina Belle Packer Wichmann
Diapason ($100-$249)
The foundation sound and backbone of the organ
Alan D. Ankney
Kevin M. Clemens, CAGO
Robert Bruce Cooper
Miss Suzanne L. Gilliland
in memory of Dale Alexander Gilliland
Elna Johnson with Joe & Sandy Horgan
Colleen Lissy
Robert Mayer
Signe O. Mitchell, CAGO
Dr. Jan Edward Orris
Dr. Charlotte Roederer
James and Judith Stark
Melodia ($25-$99)
A round, rich, and mellow flute stop
Harry & Sarah Campbell
John Ronald Daniels, SPC
Dr. Ellen E. Dodge
Walter R. Holewa
Helen M. & David Houggy
Raymond Ocock
Wilberta N. Pickett, ChM, & John A. Pickett
Kenneth R. Rankin
Sharron A. Schaefer
The Rev. Robert & Joyce Moon Strobel, AAGO
Nancy A. Tan
Chimes (to $24)
A set of tubular bells played from the organ keyboard

Program Partners

East Liberty Presbyterian Church
Cathedral Concerts
Heinz Memorial Chapel
in memory of Dr. Robert Sutherland Lord
Saint Paul Cathedral
Saint Paul Cathedral Concert Series
Shadyside Presbyterian Church
Music in a Great Space
Westminster Presbyterian Church
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